Week 14 Cabo Day 1

May 21, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Cabo, Sea of Cortez, landscape, seascape

52 Weeks!

Before we left home I was told we would have to take a 'water taxi' to get to the beautiful beaches. Little did we know what an adventure that would be. It was actually quite an amazing couple of days at Cabo San Lucas Mexico. This is the water taxi. A rickety little boat with some very old and worn out life jackets. It's a 'glass bottomed' boat ... which means there is a scary little spot in the center of the boat where you can see down into the water. Out first stop was at some rocks near the waters edge where if we looked over the edge of the boat we could see what the tour guide called 'Mexican Nemo'. The only problem was that everyone started to look over the same side at the same time ... some of us backed off and waited out turn. The fish were amazing. The beaches were full, but incredibly beautiful.


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