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this I love ... day 16

February 16, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

How many varieties can there possibly be? How many different looks?

This sweet little tree had captured my eye so many times before I actually pulled over to the side of the road (thankfully there was a small spot my Jeep would fit) and snapped this picture. I love the winter look of this tree more than when it's full of leaves. The bare branches show the delicate frame so well. winter, tree, Atascadero California, landscape, Carolyn V, Carolyn V PhotographyWinter's Touch

With fall being my most favorite season I really love the look of this tree ... a bit barren too but still beautiful! California, trees, Carolyn V, Carolyn V Photography One foggy morning my friend and I went out, cameras in hand. I couldn't leave the scene before capturing this incredible tree leaning on the hillside in Atascadero California.
Carolyn V, Carolyn V Photography, central coast landscape photographer, central coast, California landscape, nature, landscapeThe Hillside Oak

Nylorac is what I call this tree. If you know me, maybe you'll be able to figure out how I came up with the name. :) This one seemed to require art ... I'm not sure why ... I just loved it with this artsy editing. 

California, trees, Carolyn V, Carolyn V Photography

Thank you for taking a look at a few of my favorite trees ... 

these trees I love ...


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