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My Still Life

September 23, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

My Still Life ... Peace is what you tend to think of when you think 'still life'. My life is nothing but still. I have this idea though that still life photography can bring a sense of stillness and peace to moments of my life. 

My journey into still life photography isn't starting out that way, although I do believe it can get there. 

Yesterday, I went out into my outdoor space with clippers in hand ready to find some special treasures that would become parts of my next 'still life' shot. One that would bring a sense of peace.  

Here is what happened instead. Once I gathered my items, I laid them out nicely on my 

whiteboard, placing them just so. The setting was perfect. I climbed up on my dining room chair to get above the display I had just created. Just as I was about to take the shot, the wind blew and my lightweight display of twigs and flowers and so it was destroyed. A couple of red ants crawled out of my sunflower. I quickly killed them trying not to make a kill spots on my white board ... 😕 This was not a peaceful moment. This was not the 'still life' that I long for. 

In the end though a couple of nice photographs came out of that not so still and peaceful moment.

Be still and know that I am God. 
Psalm 46:10

I hope this was encouraging to you as you venture into your world of creative photography. 

Have an amazing day!



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