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Still Life on Chairs

March 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Still Life on Chairs ... I never realized there were so many different ways you can do still life. I suppose it's obvious you can do this type of photo wherever you want. A table top  has been my main area to take this type of photograph. Still life is a very interesting venture for me. It takes all sorts of creativity. I have blocks in that creativity sometimes on a daily basis. Landscape was my first love in photography and as you can well imagine, I didn't have to create anything! It was all created for me. I just had to have my camera settings right and be there in the right lighting.

With Still Life, I have to have the right surface, the right lighting and the right items to be in the photograph. And it really does take some creativity to get the items set up just right. I've learned so much about Still Life in the last year it's just crazy! Today my photo is a simple one with a small vase of flowers ... and you can't even see the vase! I laid a couple of pieces of linen across the back of the chair just to give something smooth and flowing to the photo, but I'm really not sure how 'flowy' it is. I'd love it if you wandered through my Instagram by clicking here. You'll get a good look at my growth in this area of photography.

Once you get your items all set up you then have to do the editing. That is a whole process in itself ... you can create many different photographs with the same image just with different processing. I've learned to create Lightroom presets that I can use over and over, but I've also bought so many from Kim Klassen. If you aren't familiar with her work I encourage you to check her out. She has been a great influence for me, along with many other ladies, in this still life journey.

Camera Settings: 50mm, 1/45, f/2.8, ISO 500

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