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April 09, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

It was kind of dreary and looking like rain as the day first began. That quickly changed to sunshine and blue skies though. Two of my granddaughters were staying with me that morning so Mom and Dad could get some things done in town. Today was moving day! They're moving out to the country to live next door to us. What an exciting day for all of us! I love having family near by. 

Walking to the well or the power pole are kind of a tradition I have with the grandchildren. Today one of the girls wanted to walk to the well. As we headed out the door, I suggested that we might walk down the driveway to pick some wildflowers. That idea overrode the 'well' idea and so off we went. 

It's quite a driveway that we have ... not the typical that fits one or two cars. The familiar walk was a fun one for all three of us. The sun was kind of in and out as it hid behind the big clouds overhead. That warmth of the sun and the spectacular view of pink and purple wildflowers made it a perfectly enjoyable walk.

We each picked our own bouquet ... it was hard not to pick more! If only our hands were bigger! 

We combined our efforts and ended up with this gorgeous display of flowers. It was perfect for my day's offering on Instagram. :) Little did the girls know but they really helped me out in gathering some gorgeous color for this photograph I share with you today.




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