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Free Templates ... 

This is the first of a series of free templates I'll have for you. I love using grids for sharing multiple photos at once. Here are two grids for you today. Click on the picture below and you'll be taken to a page where you can download the templates that you can personalize with your own photos to share on your website or any social media. 


If you need help personalizing these, here are instructions.

When you open the file in Photoshop or your favorite photo editing software you can drag your favorite photos (6 of them) to the blank layer (you'll see them when you get to PS). You can resize the photos so the part you want to shows just a little larger than each rectangle. With your photo in the layer directly over the shape you want the photo to be in, hold the mouse over the layer with the photo in it, and click on the Option key (on a Mac) and click on the photo layer and your photo will drop into the shape layer. Now you can move your photo around within that layer to get it set perfectly. 

Here's one more grid for you and what the pictures can look like once inserted.

I love doing things like this with my photos! It's fun to share them on Instagram this way. :)